Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi received the United Arab Emirates’ highest civilian honour during a visit on Saturday to the oil-rich Gulf nation.

Since long behaviour of Arab States is very much clear, they only care about their Bussiness Interests. They got nothing to do with interests of so called today’s Muslim Ummah.

Earlier when ever Iran tried to expose the real face of Arabs, they were not taken seriously by Ummah due to the prejudice regarding sect.Time has prove that Iran was always right about Arab mentality.

Today’s Arab rulers initially came into power when British impearlisim was at its peak. British forces help these to come into power and with help of these hypocratic arabs british impearlists succeded in ending the magnificient Ottoman Empire.And now these Arabs have become slaves of American Impearilism. I wonder why the muslims of different nations always had expectations from these hypocratic Arabs.

Arabs of 20th and 21st century had always stabed & sabotage the interests of Muslim Ummah.

No Good can be expected from Arab Nations without changing of their impearlist regimes.

May Allah help oppressed Kashmiris!!

اس خبر پر اپنی رائے کا اظہار کریں

اپنا تبصرہ بھیجیں