Education in Pakistan BY NAMRAH ASIF

The process of receiving and giving a set of instruction from one person to another on some specific
institute such as school, college or a university in a form of course is called a EDUCATION. In Islam every
Muslim should have to gain knowledge about world and everything that is happening around us
especially a knowledge about those things which is beneficial for us. In QURAN Allah said:
“The seeking of knowledge is obligatory for every Muslim” (AL -TIRMIDI verses no 74)
In Pakistan every child is taking education in their houses till the age of 4 or 5 mostly. They learn some
common things from their relative or blood relations like mother, father, grandparents .As Pakistan is an
Islamic country so children learn most of things about Islam such as pillars of Islam, learning of Quran,
they learn how to speak, how to interact with others in house. Then at the age of 5 they are able to
going to school.
Pakistani education system is overseen by the FEDERAL MINISTARY OF EDUACTION and PROVINCIAL
GOVERNMENTS. Rana Tanveer Hussain is become a federal ministry of Pakistan on 19 April 2022.
Pakistan education system is divided in to six parts .First is PRESCHOOL (from the age of 3 to 5 years) in
which children learn some basic things about education likewise kinder Garten (K.G),.Then PRIMARY
EDUCATION (from class 1 to class 5) this is a actual base of students in which they know how to learn
and make their self-comfortable in studies. After a primary education it’s come to Middle EDUCATION
(from class 6 to class 8) in these classes they explore their self to know which subjects they should have
to study in higher education .which field they are have to choose .Then it’s a HIGHER EDUCATION (class
9 and class 10) which is a secondary school certificate SSC. After an SSC they come to HIGHR
SECONDARY SCHOOL EDUCATION CERTIFICATE HSSC (class 11 and class 12) then university programs
leading to undergraduate degrees.
After the HSSC student take admission in universities for bachelors in any subject .Bachelors (bs)
contains of 4 year. After doing a bs they will take admission in MASTERS in any subject it contains of 2
years. without doings BS they cannot eligible for Masters.
The primary languages that are used in our education system is URDU and ENGLISH. The total literacy
rate of Pakistan according to 1981-2022 is 59.13%. The ratio of male in literacy is71.12% and Female are 46.25%.

As we know our 65% budget is consume by the defense so their left very small amount of money for
educational institution. It is the worst thing for us that we have not much money for educational things
we have not able to provide the actual facilities to the student for studies. As we can’t provide the
facilities so they think they don’t want to get education.
Eating food is necessary for life, we eat food to survive and make our body good, same as education is
important for us for our mental health. we need to gain knowledge, we need to interact people, we
need to learn ethics to live in the society.
Education develops the personality of the person, mold behavior, it builds the confidence, it helps the
student to follows the norms and values and helps the person to living the better life.
Written by: Namrah Asif

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