Interesting Fact

Why are so many people afraid that we are running out of energy? Why do they warn of disaster if we exhaust all available fossil fuels? Clearly the world doesn’t lack energy. All we lack is the knowledge necessary to harness & convert it into our needs. The amount of energy stored in all the fossil fuel on earth is negligible compared to the amount that sun dispenses every day, free of charge. Only a tiny portion of sun’s energy reaches us, yet it amounts to 3,766,800 exajoules of energy each year. All the world’s plants capture only about 3000 of those solar exajoules through the process of photosynthesis. All human activities & industries put together consume about 500 exajoules annually, equals to the amount of energy earth receives from the sun in just ninety minutes. And that’s only solar energy. We got allot of other energies as well on planet earth. So the countries who are fighting to get control of energy resources like oil,gas etc should rather focus on to invest in getting knowledge, so that scientist be able to develop techniques for using this immense solar energy for daily human activities.

Some one rightly said.

“Knowledge is Power”.

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